Notice :

Before you purchase any service or package or pay for a project, You should be clear enough what the service I am providing with and your requirement should be clearly mentioned and properly documented. We provide support on the basis of the requirements specified by you


Before going to ask for a refund , You should email me the details of the issue so that we can fix it quickly.

We accept the process of a refund if there is any error you found in the service and we are not able to fix that. and if the work is done is not as per your requirement.

You can ask for refund within thirty days of the project delivery.

You can not claim a refund for the following reasons:

1: After delivery, you don’t ‘prefer’ the Product. You don’t have a specific explanation for not liking the work.

2: You anticipated a common functionality to be available in the project and you feel it is obvious and it should be.

3: Your environment or server is not compatible with the work.

4: You are finding difficult to understand the functionality.

5: You did customization or design/code changes at your end and caused the issue on the project.

How to refund will be processed:

Once the refund request is accepted, it will take five to seven business days to refund.   Acceptance of the refund will be notified to you. The refund will be paid back through the same payment mode you paid for services.

How to ask support :

Send an email to with an appropriate subject and detailed message.

Details I need to support you:

You need to provide admin login to the project, FTP or SFTP details. In case if needed you need to provide Server access with the database. You can also provide a screenshot of issues or any related videos of the concern.